May 22, 2012

The Lake Giveth, And The Lake Taketh Away

I took a lunch break and hit Utah Lake. I took my 4 weight rod to target white bass. I got my tube set up and headed to the spot where I've been smashing the white bass. I made my my first cast, Then another. Could it be? The white bass didn't want to play today? I made several more casts and tried several different flies without so much as a single hit. How can it go from catching a fish on every cast to not a peep in just a few days? I found this rather odd, so I moved to another spot.

On the way I saw some carp, and I couldn't help but make some casts even though I only have my 4 weight. I soon had something on and the line started ripping off my reel. I kicked out from the reeds and tried controlling the fish, but he wouldn't have it. This carp could do whatever it wanted. It made a run for open water which helped me out big time. I continued to fight this fish for what seemed like an eternity before I finally landed him. This carp was all my rod could handle! I left him in the net and head to a white bass spot. I cast and let it sink some before stripping the line. All at once I had another fish on, and it felt to big to be a white bass. I kicked out to deeper water and the fish kept trying to bulldog his way to the bottom. When I finally got my first glimpse of what it was, I couldn't believe what I had on. It was a channel catfish! I had no idea they would hit a fly. I soon landed him and the excitement I felt was amazing! I left him in the net as well, And made more attempts at white bass with no luck.

I decided to call it a day and started heading back to the marina. I stopped and made some casts at several carp with no takes. Then it happened again! Same story as earlier. The carp did what it wanted and it took forever to tire him out. While trying to land him, my catfish made it out of the net which was a bummer, but I finally landed my second carp of the day. I kept him and made one last cast, and it's a cast I wish  I could take back. I snagged up on something and in trying to get the snag loose, I snapped my rod in two! Could I really be this dumb? I can land carp on a 4 weight, But I break my rod on a stupid snag? I felt sick to my stomach! To make it worse, it was a new custom built rod I've only had since March and this was the second time I used it. The rod came with a lifetime guarantee, so I hope I'll be able to get it fixed. It was a horrible way to end what was a great day of fishing.

My First Channel Catfish on a fly!

The Purple woolly bugger was loved by all... except the white bass.
24" and 26" Carp landed on a 4 weight rod.

Not the way I wanted to end the day! I could punch myself right now!


  1. Well, that sucks with the broken rod, I just broke my TFO rod tip too

  2. Do you eat the carp?
    Sorry about the rod. I've seen plenty of them broken on snags, probably the most common way besides high sticking.

  3. I don't eat them. I keep them and give them to people that do, or I use them for catfish bait.