August 23, 2009

South Florida At It's Best

South Florida is a fisherman's paradise! From freshwater to saltwater fishing, it is in my opinion the best place in the states to wet a line. You don't even have to leave the city to find fantastic fishing opportunities. We fished a few of the canals and ponds around the city, and we were landing all kinds of species. We were using live shiner's bought from Everglades Pro Bass bait shop. They know the area well, so if you're planning a trip, give them a call (954-434-4495), and they can help you get into the fish. Brock also knew some great spots to go, and had us into fish most of the day. He also found a good hole for inland Tarpon, but we were unable to land the one we hooked into.

24 inch Large Mouth Bass.Peacock Bass Orinoco Sailfin Catfish Brock with a Jaguar Garpote
Jaguar Garpote

Mayan Cichlid
A gator came to check us out at the Tarpon Hole Brock found.
After a successful day of freshwater fishing, we hooked up with Captain Jeff Maggio (Lunkerdog) for some Tarpon and Snook fishing. The first hour was slow, and then the bite got really hot for Snook. To feel the strength of these fish for the first time is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Brock and I ended up boating seven lunker-Snook on this outing, with the biggest taping out to a whopping 42 inches!
First ever Snook!

Brock's first Snook.

All night long...

You know it's been an epic night when this is the smallest.

Brock with another Lunker!

The night was unreal with big Snook!

42 inch certified lunker! Thanks again Jeff!

After the Snook decided they were done cooperating, we went after the Tarpon. In no time at all, we hooked into the first two, but they quickly spit the hook. The third hookup was solid, and we were off to the races! I didn't know a fish could take out drag as fast as these fish! As I fought him, I was amazed at watching him tail-dance out of the water. I have seen this on fishing shows, but there is no comparison to seeing it in person. Around 20 minutes into the fight, and my lower back and arms burning, another boat drove between us and the fish, and the boats prop cut my line! The line went slack, and the fight was over! I was a little bent out of shape to say the least and may have wanted Captain Jeff to chase them down, but cooler heads prevailed. We ended up not boating any tarpon so my quest is still on for my first. We also hooked into a Barracuda but were unable to land it. I can't wait for next year's trip to try once again to land my nemesis! Thanks again Jeff for showing us how to "Run That Dog"!

August 17, 2009

Wind Rivers, WY August 2009

When fisherman think of the Winds, the first thing that comes to mind is gold; and my brother and I struck it rich with just that...well, sort of. The gold the fisherman think about of course are golden trout that inhabit the high alpine lakes here. What a trip it was! We hiked a total of fifty rough miles in four days for the chance to get a hook into some of these beautiful fish and boy did it pay off! The second day in we hit a lake loaded with big goldens and ended up landing ten goldens ranging from sixteen to twenty inches, using spinners. The only thing that matched the beauty of the fish were the glacier covered peaks that surounded the lakes. We also caught small goldens using flies. We had alot of success catching Colorado Cuttroat trout as well. We also caught Rainbows in the fourteen inch range and small Brook Trout. On the way home we hit the Snake River for some snake river cutthroat trout. Here are some pictures of the trip.
20" Golden Trout
20" Golden Trout
20" Golden Trout "The Dalai Lama of Trout"
This is know as "The Water Slide"

Snake River Cutthroat

My brother with a Colorado Cutthroat

Colorado Cutthroat
Mountain Flowers
View of Flat Top from the Green River.