September 5, 2011

Henry's Lake And Henry's Fork

We made the annual trip up to island park this past Labor Day weekend. I always look forward to this trip not only for the fishing but also the chance to unwind for a few days. My Father-in-law and I headed out early on Friday morning with our float tubes to try out Henry's lake in the hopes of hooking into one of the trophy trout this lake is know for. We had a window of a few hours where there was no wind which made perfect tube conditions. We paddled out a ways and started casting and it wasn't long before I had my first fish on. I could tell by the fight that I had a good one on. After a few minutes I got him to the net and it was a nice male Yellowstone cutt. I put him in my make shift live-well and went back to work. I used a gold Jake's spinner the entire time I fished and had several fish participate in the fun. I caught another nice cutthroat right as the wind started up so I made my way back to shore with my limit. It's nice when 2 trout can feed nine people.
The next day the family went on a float trip down the Henry's fork of the Snake River. The water was ice cold but we had a blast. the trip is very scenic and well worth doing if you are ever in the area. There were so many fish in the river and a lot of them were Kokanee Salmon starting to spawn. It was awesome seeing so many fish darting every direction from the boat. We also saw some really nice Rainbows as well. I absolutely love this part of the country and always have to leave wanting to stay a few more days.

One of the several cutthroat trout that we caught.

My Henry's Lake limit.

Kokanee Salmon from Henry's Fork.

Big Springs; the headwaters of Henry's Fork.