January 29, 2015

Trading White Snow for White Beaches

I'm late on posting this, but what an incredible trip we had over New Years! We had a family trip that took us to the Turks and Caicos islands. We were greeted by the warm sun, which was a stark contrast from the snowy conditions of Utah. We made it to the resort in short order, and headed to the beach. The Turks has some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen, and you could see for days under the water. This also made the snorkeling trips really fun. We also spent a good amount of time at the water park, and eating at one of the 19 different restaurants that were available at the resort.
A few of my brother-in-laws and I also made a fishing trip on one of the days. we trolled out to our spot, catching yellow tail and bar jacks along the way. Once we made it to the spot we bottom fished, catching all sorts of new species. we also nabbed a few lobsters, and Conch to finish off the trip. This made of a delicious meal that night. If you've never had conch salad before, I highly recommend it.
It was so fun hanging out with the family and seeing everyone have a great time, especially the little ones. The final picture of this post shows just how much fun they had.

Flying in.

Picture perfect.

The fishing trip produced multiple new species.

Added a few Lobsters for dinner.

Conch shells for souvenirs and Conch salad for dinner.

The days catch fed all of us. What a treat!

Lots of snorkeling to be had.

Cruising around on a catamaran.

Happy New years!

The view while eating breakfast.

Largest hot tube I've ever seen.

catching up on sleep after a fantastic trip. Until nest time...

January 14, 2015

Adventures From Down Under

I had the opportunity to visit Brisbane on a work trip. I didn't have time to do any fishing on this trip, but I still got to do some exploring. What an amazing country Australia is! I went turbo tourist, and saw quite a bit in just a few hours. I used the city cat (water taxi) to get around on the Brisbane River. You can see a lot just riding up and down the river. I'm really hoping I get the chance to come back down and spend more time (make that 24 hours of travel time one way a little more tolerable).
Driving on the left side, gotta be learned...

Fruit bats. All the proff I need that Vampires are real.

The Kookaburra. One of these guys woke me up one morning with their call.

Koala Bears are softer than I thought they'd be.

The face of Austrailia.

This Salty looks content.

Tasmanian Devil.

South bank on the left, and down town Brisbane on the right.

Made made beach on the South Bank.

Mosaic's like this lined the South Bank boardwalk.

Maritime Museum.

Clear day on top, downpour on the bottom.

Going into the City on the Brisbane River.