February 20, 2012

Bryce Canyon National Park.

We packed and took our group of scouts down to Bryce Canyon National Park to do a little cross country skiing. We knew there was a chance of not much snow so we also brought along some hiking boots as a back up (You have to BE PREPARED right?) We arrived at 6 pm and we stayed at Ruby's Inn. I know, I know, it was a rough camp out. We grabbed some burgers and then it was off to the pool. The kid had a blast and we accomplished what is now known as "The 5 Stack". A few of the kids were having chicken fights trying to knock each other off one anothers shoulders. Some thought of the idea to see if we could be 2 people on the shoulders. One thing led to another and soon, after some strategy, we were able to do a towering 5 person stack! I'm not going to lie, this feat ranks up there with sports championships... maby not, but it was still awesome!
We awoke bright and early the following morning, rented our ski equipment and we had just enough snow, minus a few spots, to ski. It was fun to see the kids take off and learn how to cross country ski. We made our way along the path until we came to some great scenic overlooks just outside the park. The red rock really pops against the whiteness of the snow. We took some pictures, and then it was back to the cars to make the long ride home. It's fun to be a part of the Boy Scouts and have these new experiences with friends and our troop. On to the next trip...

Almost there!
Getting geared up...
And they're off...

My best impression of Daniel Larusso.

Bryce is one of my favorite National Parks!

February 3, 2012

A Day On The Weber

The first Weber river trip of 2012! I went back and forth on going ice fishing or hitting the river and the thought of hooking a big brown won out. The morning started out cold and the steam coming off the river made for some interesting casts to say the least since I couldn't see well. The first nice hole I came to produced a 14" brown on the first cast and I thought that was going to be a good sign. As it turned out, that was not the case at all! The bite was really slow and light today compared to previous trips. I lost the only brown I hooked in the 20" class and spooked 2 others that would have stretched the tape. The pictures below tell the story. They're not impressive, but if you're like me, a story is always better with a few pictures. 12-16" browns and cutts were the name of the game. The cold eventually turned into a nice sunny day, and despite the slow fishing, it was relaxing to be out enjoying the river.

Average size browns for this trip