May 7, 2012

Carp Fest On Utah Lake

I made a quick trip to Utah Lake today to go after the carp that are schooling up right now. Although they are considered by many as a trash fish, there is not a fish in the lake that can rival the fight that a carp will give you. I used my Renegade to troll around site fishing for the schools hanging on top. I would get to within about ten yards and pitch my bait over them and slowly reel until I was right on them. It didn't take long until my reel was singing and I had a carp tearing away from me. They pull so hard that they actually pull me in my pontoon! It is such a blast to have one on the end of your line. I caught several today before the wind picked up and I headed back to the marina.

If I can get a day with no wind, I'm going to try my hand at getting one on a fly. I can only imagine how fun it would be to catch one on a fly rod. I also had success catching them a few days ago and the last picture is from that trip. I had just netted one when I saw a school pop up real close, so I cast out and soon had another. I landed the second fish with the first carp still in the net. On Utah Lake, you are encouraged to kill all the carp you catch in an attempt to rid the lake of this species. People use them for fertilizer as well as bait, while others claim they are good eating. I haven't tried eating any myself but I give mine to some of the fisherman there that like eating them. For now, I'm just hoping for a day without wind so I can pull out the fly rod!


  1. Nice catches. I have caught a few carp before and you are right they do pull hard. I actually caught a few in the fish pond in front of my shop. What fun.
    Tight Lines

  2. Nice, although I'm sure they're no match to the GT, lol.