October 26, 2009

"The Ghost Fish" October 2009

A friend and I decided to head out fishing after work. He had been telling me about a reservoir that he took his boy to a few days ago where they caught some albino trout. I had seen pictures of them before but had never caught one myself. That one small detail is all it takes for me to get interested in going after it! We arrived and were fishing by around 5 pm. He had told me that the times he had fished this particular reservoir, the fishing had always been fast. Well....not so much this day! There is a big snow storm on it's way in tomorrow and I think the pressure change had alot to do with the slow bite.
The albinos were really easy to spot crusing the surface. We both cast spinners using our ultra-light rods and had alot of follows and slight hits but it was tough to get them to commit. I had 3 albino's that I fought all the way to shore only to have them throw the hook at the last second. I'm not going to lie, I was getting a little bit frustrated! The first fish I ended up landing was a nice 15" fat rainbow. That settled me a little bit but that's not why I was here.
It started getting dark on us and then I hooked my last fish of the evening. It was an albino and I wasn't about to lose it this time. I finally landed my first albino trout! At 12", it wasn't the biggest fish ever, but it was still nice to be able to cross this species off my list. Talk about an interesting looking fish. From it's white body to it's red eye's, I couldn't think of a better fish to catch around Halloween.

My first Albino Trout "The Ghost Fish"

I like how their fins are see through.


  1. Good job, Rick, your tenacity paid off! Did the fish hit a spinner?

  2. Ya, it took a Panther Martin. I also had some takes on a few different flies but I couldn't land a fish to save my life on this particular day!

  3. How cool. I didn't even know there was albino trout.

  4. Nice catch. Definitely one to remember. Not sure I've ever seen one of those. PA stocks golden rainbows, but those look quite a bit different.