May 17, 2012

First Night Fishing of The Year

My neighbor and I had been talking about going out to hit the catfish at night for some time, and last night we finally made it happen. He took me to a section of the Jordan River that I had never fished before. I've seen some of the channel cats he's brought home the past couple weeks during the day and was impressed at the consistent good sized fish he was catching. We arrived at the river around 7:30 pm and got everything set up. We rigged our lines with the white bass that I caught a few days ago for bait and cast in.
 It wasn't long before we started having nibbles and small takes. Soon my neighbor had one on and landed a nice channel catfish! It seemed to me we were in for a fast night. But then we waited, and waited... and then waited some more. It was really odd. Typically when you get a hit, you just need to wait a second and there will be more. This night, you would get a hit and then nothing. It was strange to say the least. I had one on for few seconds before it got off and my neighbor land another decent one to finish off the night. It was slow fishing, but to sit and chat along the river was relaxing and well worth it. We'll be hitting it again soon.

A beaver strolled by to inspect his territory.

Here kitty kitty...

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  1. Nice catfish. I did a bit of night cat fishing in Texas many years back.