July 25, 2011

Tiger Hunting At Current Creek

My father-in-law and I made our way over to Current Creek Reservoir to hunt down some tiger trout. This was the first time this year we fished this reservoir and it was sell worth the trip. The weather was perfect for launching the pontoon and float tube and we were on the water at 7 am. The 67 degree water was like glass and we all but had the place to ourselves. We made our way over to a bay that looked promising and started fishing. We started out throwing a variety of spinners and it wasn't long until we were into fish. My Father-in-law landed the first fish which was also the biggest tiger trout of the day. It was also his first ever tiger trout! I soon had a tiger of my own to battle with and soon had him landed. After he landed a few more fish, my Father-in-law switched over to the fly rod and trolled a woolly bugger. He had take after take and landed several more fish.
I settled in throwing a jointed rapala and continued to have success with the tigers. I regret not bringing my fly rod because the conditions were perfect to pull out the dries. There were fish slurping bugs off the top all around us. We called it a day around noon having had our fill and headed home. I plan to make another trip to Current Creek soon.

First ever tiger trout.

Typical Current Creek tiger.

Beaver lodge.

Now thats a backdrop!

Another nice fish.

Tigers are one of my favorite fish to catch.

A nice view of Current Creek reservoir on the way home.

July 21, 2011

Pelican Bay At Utah Lake

I had a few hours to kill so I headed down to Pelican Bay to see if the catfish were biting. As I arrived and got set up, I enjoyed a nice breeze and a fantastic view of some hang gliders that had a motor attached somehow. I was quite surprised at how well they could maneuver through the air. I had two poles set and in no time had hits on both of them. I set the hook and reeled in a white bass on each one. White bass are fun but i really wanted some catfish to eat. I kept them for cut bait but that nice breeze died down and the bugs came out. I could not believe how fast the bugs descended on me and how thick they were. As fast as I could go I packed up and headed for the truck. I got a half hour of fishing in and two white bass to show for it.

Hang gliders

Bait for the next trip to Utah Lake.

July 20, 2011

Top Five Things To Have While Fishing.

1. Camera

This is as important as your fishing pole in my opinion and I can sum up why with one Phrase; "If you don't have a picture, it's just another fish story." It's always good to have some proof of the big catch because if you have fishing buddies like mine, they like to harrass you a little if you just tell them about it.

2. Polorized Sunglasses

A good pair of polorized glasses are a must if you're site fishing. Whether your fishing the flats in Florida or the blue ribbon rivers of Utah, having a pair can potentially make or break a fishing trip. They also give you some protection from the lure coming back fast from a snag or when you're fly fishing. I prefer the amber or brown polorized lenses.

3. Your Go-To Lure, Fly Or Bait

I know most fisherman have a lot of tackle in there box but there is always that go-to lure that most fisherman have. The product I've been having lots of success with lately is the Wildeye Curly Tail Minnow from Storm. I first tried these early this year and I have cleaned house with them ever since! It doesn't seem to matter where I fish or what species I'm going after, the fish love them. I've caught 5 different species of trout and largemouth bass this year on this jig. I've fished them in 5 different bodies of water ranging from high alpine lakes, rivers and warm water lakes with all sorts of water temperatures with the same result; Fish On! The 3" minnow is what I like but they make them in a lot of sizes.

4. Current Fishing Proclamation

Its good to know the regulations of the body of water you are fishing. Nothing would ruin a great day on the lake faster than catching a bunch of fish and finding out from a fish and game officer you're over your limit or you fished an illegal method for that lake. Also, most proclamations tell you the state records and catch and release records. I like to know that info because you never know when you'll have that chance at a catch of a lifetime. I'm quite certain I caught the state record Bullhead catfish when I first started fishing and didn't know it till I started doing some research (Hence this and the camera being on my top 5 list).

5. Sun Screen And Bug Spray

I like to be as comfortable as possible while fishing (or doing anything really) and this product helps me accomplish that goal. It's a sun screen/ bug spray all in one. There are a few different brands out there that are good and will do the job you need them to do. I like the one pictured because it's super compact and light weight which makes it good for back packing and it takes up little space in your tackle box.

Well there you have it folks, My top five things to have While Fishing.