May 9, 2012

Acrobatic White Bass Came To Play

We lucked out and had another perfect day, so I took a few hours and headed back to Utah Lake to try out the white bass with my fly rod. This was a first for me, but after the success I had with the carp yesterday, I figured why not? I headed to a spot I have had success in the past with spinners and there was a fisherman already there. He told me he had caught thirty or so and I watched him catch a few while we talked. He was packing up and he asked if I wanted the spot to which I gladly took it.
Once I got in and settled, I tied on a fly (I have no idea what the name of it is) and on my first cast I had a fish on! It didn't take long to land, and I can now take this species off my list of fish caught on a fly! I caught a dozen or so in the short time I was there and lost more than that. It was such a fun couple of hours. I tied on several different colors of wolly buggers and they all saw fish as well. All the fish were in the 10"-11" range and all were released. I guess you could say I have caught the fly fishing "bug".

My first white bass on a fly rod!

They are very acrobatic and fun to catch...

...finally got him to the net!

They love wolly buggers. It didn't seem to matter the color.

A few pelicans that buzzed over my head.


  1. I thought about trying for white bass again this afternoon. Looks like I should have.

    Way to go with fly rod. I believe the fly is called a streamer, correct me if I am wrong.

  2. I was informed last night lthat the fly is called a clouser minnow. I'm planning on getting a few more and hitting it again soon.