November 11, 2011

A Blast & Cast Day On 11/11/11

So on to the second day of the Weber. Today I went to a different stretch from the previous post but had the same luck. You know it's going to be a great day when you catch fish on your first two casts and it didn't slow down much the whole time I was there. Today I used the same swim bait the entire day! I didn't see as many beds through this stretch but the few I saw all had fish. Again, I could sit and watch those beds for hours! I again focused on the deeper holes leaving the spawning browns for another day. The biggest brown went 22 inches and thick enough I couldn't get my hand around it. 20 inches was a common theme for the browns and I picked up several cutts and a rainbow to finish out the day. For the fly fisherman, Today would have been dynamite for drys. I don't think I've ever seen as many rises on this river as I did today. Makes me want to change up rods for my next trip.
I ended my trip around 1 pm and headed down to my brothers for some hunting. He and my nephew had drawn out for the swan hunt and I tagged along to pick off any ducks that came around. We headed to our spot at the Bear River Bird Refuge and waited...and waited. Wildlife officials estimate that around 45,000 Swans are the the refuge right now. At the end of this month there should be around 165,000. We had a few groups fly close enough to get us excited but just out or range to shoot. I missed the few ducks that came in. I'm going to blame it on thinking about the great day of fishing I had earlier. We walked back to the truck empty handed other than a few pictures and a good time on the dyke.

22" hog.

Long and skinny.

First rainbow on the river in a long time.

Same deep whole as the rainbow on the very next cast.

Biggest cutt of the day.

Final fish of the day.

We had a great view of some swans but they were in the restricted area.

Where's Waldo?

Until next time.

November 10, 2011

The Weeb...Oh How I've Missed You.

Wow, I'm actually writing a post! It seems like forever since I've wet a line. Let me clear off the cob webs and dust and see if I remember how to do this blog thing. The water level is finally where it should be on the Weber and the brown trout spawn is hot and heavy right now. I made it to river early and the temps were in the low teens for the first hour or so which meant I had the joy of breaking ice out of the eyelets every other cast. The fishing (or should I say catching) was fast and furious. Lots of browns came to play with a lone cutthroat.
There are beds everywhere with several browns at each spot trying to stake their claim to a portion. It was so neat to see these fish moving gravel and moving out other fish. Often times there were fish moving around with there backs out of the water at times. I left those on the beds alone and targeted the deeper holes. I used a few different swim baits that always seem to work. I'm going to hit a different stretch tomorrow so until then, enjoy the fish pics...

First fish of the day.

The lone cutt.

21 inch beauty.