December 15, 2009

Florida Fishing Part 2; Indian River Lagoon

After Fishing Ft. Lauderdale and getting the fresh water fishing out of our system, it was time for some saltwater action! We met up with Captain Troy nash of Big Red Guide Service and fished the Indian River Lagoon just outside of Titusville, FL. Troy knew the lagoon like the back of his hand and had us on the fish all day long. Fishing the flats and sight fishing was a blast. Troy had heard there were some black drum in the area so we set out to catch some of those first. It didn't take long before Rob and I Were in the fish and our drag's were screaming as the fish were ripping out line. I also learned why they call them drum. They make a really cool low drum sound that sounds alot like the base in your car. After landing several black drum, we headed to a different part of the lagoon to go after the red fish and sea trout. Within five minutes of Troy showing us what to do, I hooked and landed my first red fish and Rob landed his first and biggest sea trout of the day. For the next few hours we landed several red fish and sea trout with a few puffer fish mixed in. Puffer fish are considered trash fish but I still wanted to catch one to add it to my species list. We also saw a Manatee and some Dolphin cruising the lagoon which was cool to see. At the end of the day, Rob and I landed around 25 fish. I would highly recommend Captain Troy Nash to anyone if you are looking for fast saltwater action!

Hear are some of the Black Drum Rob Caught.

We couldn't get him to puff up very much, but we tried!

Puffer Fish. Rob and I both caught one.

Here are some of the Black Drum I caught

Biggest red fish of the day.

All day long!

Biggest sea trout of the day!

Check out the single top tooth these trout have.

A tiny sea trout. The biggest one I leadered got away before the picture.

A gator at the Orlando Bass Pro Shops.

Florida Fishing Part 1; Ft. Lauderdale

I had a business trip to Orlando that lasted a week, so I did what any warm blooded American should do; pack some fishing gear and go down 3 days early to fish! My friend Rob was already there and we met up and made the 3 hour drive down to Ft. Lauderdale. We arrived to wet conditions. It rained off and on all day and the fishing was slower than previous trips I've made. We fished some of the ponds I had fished before around Ft. lauderdale. Even with the conditions we still caught quite a few fish, 5 species total. We even caught a few gar that spit the hook and fell back in the water before we could get pictures pf them. I love the fight that some of the exotic species have in them. They put up a better fight than large mouth bass in my opinion. If you go down, check out Everglades Pro Bass Bait Shop Located at 8246 Griffin Rd in Davie, FL. There phone number is 954-434-4495. Not only do they have everything you would need to catch fish, they can also give you good insight as to wear to go to catch what ever species you're going after. After a good day of fishing, We headed back to Orlando for our next trip. See Florida Fishing Part 2 for some great salt water action!

Large Mouth Bass

My first ever Midas Cichlid.

My biggest Jaguar Garbote of the day.

Rob with a nice Jaguar Garbote.

Another one of Rob's nice Jaguar Garbote's.

We should have taken this exit. Just think of the possibilites!

Mayan Cichlid

This is one of the largest Iguana's I've seen!

December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Equals Good Times

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It's always fun to get together with all the family and enjoy their company and eat your own weight in turkey! We had quite a good time the past few days! I went fishing with my Father-in-law and caught some small rainbows in a little stream nearby while my Dad and brother took all the kids to hike sugar loaf volcano while all the wives did the black Friday shopping thing (scary)! After, we met up and went up the canyon to look at deer and show the kids some of the Indian petroglyphs that are in the canyon. The kids had a blast and got to enjoy some awesome country. Of course, Thanksgiving always comes and goes faster than you would like and the only problem with the weekend was that I didn't take enough pictures! I truely am blessed and hope that all of you had as good of Thanksgiving as I did.

My Father-in-laws trout out of Chalk Creek.

A bunch of the kids on Indian Rock up Dry Creek Canyon.

One of the nice bucks we saw while we were out and about.

The kids getting ready for an Adventure

Fire in the sky! A nice sunset from my parents back yard.