May 30, 2014

Big Browns and Big Smiles

This past week for Boy Scouts, we took our troop to a private pond that the Scout Master had access to. He said there were big rainbows, and that a few brown trout had made there way in somehow.  We had a few of the boys that that never caught a fish before, so the excitement level was pretty high. We rigged up with gold Jake's spinners and Rapalas.
As we started making casts, it didn't take long until we had fish following our lures. Soon after, I saw a big brown engulf my Rapala 15 feet from where I was standing. It gave me some monster head shakes, but one of the boys was johnny-on-the-spot and netted the fish for me. The brown measured 20 inches. Shortly after, one of the boys hooked into another solid fish, and got it into the net. from then on, the catching was consistent for a lot of the boys, and we also missed several fish.
In all we landed eight browns. We had a few Rainbows hit, but we didn't land any. I had one that made three big jumps out of the water, spitting the Rapala back at me on the third. It's so neat to see how acrobatic the Rainbows are, and then how a Brown will just bulldog you. It was a great two hour trip, and It seemed the boys had a blast. We filleted the trout, and I'm smoking them up tomorrow so all the boys can try out some smoked trout. Hopefully, we will get another shot to go up and try this pond again. It was a blast.

Gearing up.

Staking their claim on the fishing spots.

First fish of the night; a 20 inch Brown!

Teamwork! Landing another big Brown Trout.

Beautiful surroundings to catch fish.

Big fish and big smiles!

May 6, 2014

It's About To Get Crazy On Utah Lake

The White Bass are in the beginning stages of spawning at Utah Lake! Once you find them, the fishing is fast and furious. I landed several today in the half hour I had to fish before work. They will be the start of my cat fish bait supply to get me though the year. I have a feeling May is going to be epic!

Results of  30 minutes of fishing!

May 2, 2014

Knocking Off The Dust

It's finally time to start cat fishing again! I dug out my cat gear, blew off the dust, and headed down to the Jordan River. The water temps are rising, so the fishing is only going to get better from here. I've been out twice for a few hours each time. If you use worms, you can't keep the little fish off, so I suggest using cut bait. Both times I went, I landed mostly bullheads, with an occasional little channel catfish. Last night I finally felt that pull and power of a decent catfish. The fight didn't last long, but it was what I needed. Here's to looking forward to a great summer of fighting kitties!
A small channel catfish (left) and bullhead catfish (right).

Fishing day and night.

First keeper of the year at 22 inches.