May 5, 2011

Jordanelle Reservoir Cinco de Mayo Style.

I'm finally fishing again! I had a month long stretch where I didn't make it out and it is so good to get back to what I love. All the rivers are high and some are flooding (so my favorite spots are out). The weather is starting to warm up and northern Utah is 200% above normal for snowpack. There is so much more water that still needs to make it down the mountains and I hope the state will be able to manage the run-off. This fishing trip had a few firsts for me. I could not find anyone to go with me today so I got the pleasure of launching the boat on my own for the first time. It was tricky launching without getting wet but I managed. It was even more fun getting the boat back on the trailer! This is also the first time I have ever fished Jordanelle Reservoir. I had a few friends tell me they had some success catching some good sized browns and a few smallie's so I had to give it a try.

I was on the water early and fished for a few hours. I had several takes but ended up landing only one fish. That fish was well worth the slow fishing. The 22" brown put up a great fight, eploding out of the water a few times before I got him to the net. I would have had a much more successful day if my boat had an electric trolling motor. I definately need to invest in one. It's a lot of work trying to slowly work the shorline and steer at the same time. All-in-all, it was a fantastic morning and I didn't get skunked so I consider it another successful fishing trip.

22" Jordanelle brown trout.

Heavy Snowpack.

Heading home.

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  1. Hi Rick. That is a great Brown you landed there! Speaking of "where will all the water go"? I have the same concern up in Eastern Idaho.