May 7, 2011

Valley of the Goblins

This is not fishing related, but an adventure none the less. We got to take our Boy Scout troop down to a place I had heard of but had never been to myself. Goblin Valley State Park is in south western Utah and is unlike anything I have ever seen! You can read up on Goblin Valley by going to . There is no camping inside the park so we set up camp a few miles away. The next morning we packed up camp and headed over to take in the views and explore the "Goblins". It is seriously like you're on another planet as you walk through the maze of uniquely shape rock formations.

The boys had a blast climbing around and exploring a few caves that were there. One scout even happened upon something that took us all by surprise. As we were all sitting around inside the cave, one of the boys found a baggy in one of the crevices. I heard one of the younger 12 year old scouts say "Is this Crack"? Well, needless to say that got my attention. They handed me the baggy which turned out to be full of marijuana! I told them to put it back where they found it and went and told the Ranger. They filled out a report and that's all the Scouts could talk about the rest of the day. I told them they all earned their contraband merit badge and a few of them actually believed it was a real badge which still cracks me up. It was a fun weekend trip to a destination I will definately be revistiting in the future.

This formation was close to our camp.

Here's to you Mr. Miyagi.

It's like you're on a different planet!

Hold the mushrooms? Not today!

The cave of surprises.

Cool spider web.

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  1. Hahaha, that's funny about the discovery. I'm pretty sure the park ranger there would put it to good use. ;)

    Goblin Valley has a strong counter-culture following. Not uncommon to run into a head full of dreadlocks there.

    I try to visit every year. What a wonderful place. I intend to do a highlight on my blog soon enough.

    We had plans of going this weekend, actually. The campground is full though and my little lady must have her running water/shower. LOL