May 16, 2011

In The Presence Of Master Fishermen

I had a spare hour today so I made a quick fishing trip out of it. I headed down to the Lindon Boat Harbor of Utah Lake to try my luck at catching some white bass and crappie. They are on the verge of spawning and I figured I could get into them pretty quick. The fishing was not as fast as I had hoped but I did manage to catch a few white bass on some crappie jigs.

As I was fishing I scanned the area and noticed that I wasn't the only fisherman in the area. In fact, I saw a pair of fishermen that far exceeded my skill set so I packed up my gear and went over for a closer look. The fishermen I'm taking about were a pair of beautiful Osprey! This bird is also known as the fish eagle and is a deadly fisherman. I don't see them very often so I had to take the opportunity to see if I could get a few shots of them. I was able to sneek in really close and just sit and admire these magnificent birds of prey. I still can't get over how big their talons are! I've given my older brother a lot of grief in the past for setting his rod down and going bird watching and I'm almost certain I will get a call from him once he reads this post. Maybe he's been onto something this whole time? Nah, time to get back to catching fish! Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Sometimes the fishing become secondary, if only for a few moments, when the opportunity arises to see wildlife doing their thing. Great pictures.