February 25, 2011

Salmon Fishing In Washington

This was an awesome trip that my uncles invited me on a few years back. We drove the long distance from Utah to Washington. I don't remember alot of the details of what rivers we fished but I do remember the great time we had hauling in monster Chinook, Coho and Chum salmon. You could only keep two Coho per day if they were from a hatchery. The way you would tell if the fish was wild is that they would cut the small fin off the back of a hatchery fish. Everything else was catch and release. This was the first time my cousin and I had ever fished for salmon and We averaged around five fish a day. My uncles on the other hand landed five for every one that I did. They were fishing machines! They have been fishing these rivers for years and it showed. They taught me a lot about fishing in that week! It took some time getting the feel of the fly bouncing along the river bottom and the take was often very soft. Once you had one on your line, it was game on. It was amazing to me how fast these fish could rip out line as they would make there runs. I would have to rest after some of the battles I had because I could barely feel my arms. This is a treasured fishing memory for me and I look forward to the next time we make the long trip back. If you decide to go after these majestic fish by boat, a great place to get up-to-date information on boating laws and certifications is Washington State boat license.

Mt. Hood in Oregon.

My first and biggest Chum Slamon of the trip.

My first king! My cousin could net those fish like a pro!

My Unkle with a giant king.

My unkle with his first Coho Salmon of the trip.

Now those are some teeth!
School is in session. This is my favorite picture of the trip.

My biggest king of the trip.

My cousin with a nice king.

Chum Salmon

King Salmon

My biggest Coho Salmon of the trip.

To feel that small of a fish on such big tackle is amazing!

How sweet it is!

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