September 14, 2009

Blue Grouse Opener, September 2009

I made a quick trip down south for the opening day of the blue grouse hunt. I picked up one of my cousins and we headed to one of the old spots. I had not hunted grouse in a few years and was hoping that the spot we were going to hunt still held birds. After about 10 minutes, we had our answer. There were birds everywhere. We both got our limit of 4 birds each in about an hour of hunting. I estimate that we saw 75-100 birds in that time. It took us longer to hike back to the truck than it did to get our limits of grouse. I’m definitely heading back down for another go.
First blue grouse of the season.

Tyson with our limits of birds.

A sign of the changing seasons.

Nice views on the way to hunt.

Storm moving in on the way home.

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