September 29, 2009

American Fork Canyon, UT September 2009

I headed up AF canyon to take in the fall colors and hook a few fish. I drove up to Silver Lake Flat Res. and from there, made the 1.7 mile hike up to Silver Lake. The lake is the lowest I've ever seen it and I would wait to make the hike until next spring if you're hiking up to fish. I caught a few small brook trout using spinners and after a half hour or so made the hike back down to Silver Lake Flat. I fished there for another half hour and caught some more brook trout and a few rainbows using spinners. This lake is also really low. After that I drove down to Tible Fork Res. Fishing this lake is total combat fishing. You'll have people literally come to within 2 or 3 feet and start casting. It can get a little annoying to put it nicely. I only fished here for about 15 minutes using flies and caught a few rainbows. Blue Duns and Mesquitos did the trick. I ended up with 12 fish, all released to be caught another day.
The main reason I went up the canyon was to see the fall leaves. The scenery definately beat the fishing on this trip. There are alot of great views and I only saw a small part of the canyon. I'm sure driving the Alpine Loop would be breathe taking right now. Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year.

A very low Silver Lake.

Silver Lake Flat Res.


  1. Hello Rick - Just came across your fine blog this afternoon while looking around on the 'net. Read most of what you have written so far. Great stuff! I would like to encourage you to continue to keep posting and sharing your adventures. I have my own blog over at Idaho Fishing Notebook. Drop by and say hello. Perhaps we could share a link with each other and share some readers.

  2. Just a note to let you know that I have added your blog link to my BlogBuddies Blogroll over at Idaho Fishing Notebook.