July 18, 2013

Fishing in the Dark

The catfish have been active the past few nights. My neighbor Francisco went out with his boy and went six for six of channel catfish in three hours of fishing. It was fun seeing some of the neighborhood kids come and inspect the nights catch. They seemed to think the fish were pretty cool.
Seeing Francisco's success, Roger and I went back out a few nights later to our regular fishing hole, and ended up with similar results. We didn't have to wait long before I had a hit so hard, that my pole nearing went into the water. Luckily I was able to grab it in time and set the hook. The catfish bulldogged me the whole way in. Once Roger netted him, I was surprised he was only 22 inches based on the way he fought.
We caught a few more cookie cutter catfish before it was Rogers turn to fight a big one. His fish gave him a few good runs, and even got caught but in some brush along side the river. How Roger got him out of that mess is beyond me, and soon I netted him! This catfish measured 28 inches, making it the biggest any of us have landed so far this year. White bass is the hot bait right now for those wanting to go and give the Jordan a try. Worms also work for the smaller bullhead catfish.

Francisco with his six good sized catfish.

Neighbor kids came to see the nights catch.

My biggest of the evening.

The biggest catfish of the night measuring 28 inches long.


  1. Those are some sweet looking Cats, brother! Night fishing is the best. May I ask what set up you are using? Is it a bottom feeding rig or a slip bobber?

  2. Looks like some good eatin' is soon to come. Good work, Rick!

  3. Cats are great fun at night. I have fished them only twice but loved it. Nice catch.
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  5. Catfish are some much fun. I am hoping to go out tonight myself. Nice blog, I enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Did you end up getting after the catfish?

  6. I did, ended up with three on a fly rod.