July 12, 2013

A Little of Everything and Some Bow Fishing Action

This will be a wrap-up of a few trips. The night before we went after white bass and carp, Roger hit the river for some catfish. The fishing was a little slow, but he landed two big catfish! It took him several minutes to land them on his medium rod.
The next day we headed out to see if we could get some white bass. We had trouble locating any schools, but we did find more carp than we could handle! Since they were there, we decided to have some fun catching them instead. We caught a few on rod and reel, but there was another method that we thought might work better, so I called another friend to join us with his bow.
Once Jared showed up, the real fun began! He missed the first few he shot at, but soon honed in and started nailing carp just about every time! it was so fun to watch him. Since I'm a south paw, I couldn't use his right-handed bow, but I bet you can guess what my next fishing toy will be...

Roger had a great night on the river!

first carp of the day.

We managed one white bass for the day.

So many carp on top!

Jared with one of his targets.

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