June 29, 2013

Summer Time on the Weber

Brock came down from Washington and wanted to go fishing, so I picked him up and headed for the Weber. I haven't fished the Weber this time of year for several years, and I remember why now. Every summer, the Weber is covered with vegetation, making fishing very difficult. Hole's that are waste deep loo just inches deep from the grasses and other plant life in the river. We still managed a few browns and a single cutthroat, but we saw tons of good sized browns. I messed up the netting of Brock's biggest fish. It was a good 20 inch brown.
I also bought a new net about a week ago to test out. We netted one fish before I slipped and fell backwards on the net, snapping it in half! I was not happy to put it nicely! On top of that, I hooked into one of the biggest browns I've ever had on, only to watch it get off! other than that, it was a fun trip to catch up and enjoy the outdoors.
Aquatic plants made fishing difficult.

Brock with the only fish this net was used for before I snapped it.

Good looking Brown!


  1. Falling and breaking something happens to the best of us, especially as you get older, Rick. Thank goodness it was only your net. I am sure that was painful enough though. Real chunky Brown!

  2. I'm going to fish there next week. Looking forward to it. I have broken a net the same way. I did it in the Sierra's. The worst part is when I fell back the net broke by stabbing me in the kidneys.

  3. Nice looking brown! any bass in there or is it too cold?