June 13, 2013

Night fishin' on the River

Roger and I have been hitting the Jordan river hard lately. We have had several trips in hopes of catching a few decent channel cats for another fish fry. We typically head out around 7 p.m. and stay till around midnight.  
We've caught a lot of catfish, but it takes patience to get though all the mud cats taking your bait to get a few Channel cats to the net. We've landed several keepers with the two biggest ones pictured below. Catfishin' is a great way to get to know your neighbors. I've really enjoyed hanging out and getting to know Roger better. He's taught me a lot about this river, and it's been great catching fish with him. These catfish will never win any beauty prizes, but they sure are good to eat!
I love the river this time of year.

Biggest channel cat of the year so far.

Roger looking on as he awaits the next catfish to bite.

Typical 12 inch mud cat. These guys are hard to keep off your line.

Tied my previous for biggest of the year.


  1. Nice looking Cats, Rick. Good eating awaits Roger and you. Night fishing takes a different approach, but, sure can be rewarding.

  2. Hello fellow. Congratulations on the catch. You have a good hand. Regards and excuse my English.

  3. Nice cats, brother! That spot looks fantastic! All night catfishing is one of the best parts of summer!