April 30, 2013

Utah Lake Carpin'

The Carp are here! I launched from American Fork Harbor to gusting winds. There were white caps in the open lake so I hugged the shoreline which helped. I found schools of Carp all over once I left the marina. I started out with my fly rod casting a few different dry patterns, but the wind was really affecting my accuracy. It would take several casts before I got the fly where I wanted it. Once I did, more often than not today, It was fish on!
As I cruised along the reeds looking for rising schools of Carp, I also got to enjoy seeing all the waterfowl swimming around me. There were a variety of different ducks and several pelicans. Once I spotted a dark patch of water in front of me though, It was time to focus on fishing again. I was typically able to get some action on most of the bigger schools, and the drag on my reel was put to the test repeatedly. These Carp don't like to give up. After a few hours, I called it quits for the day. The Carp should be pretty thick for the next month, so now is the time to get out if you've ever wanted catch one on a fly.
The hunting ground.

Three different schools. Take the closest to you and work your way in.

It was tough casting dries in the wind, but it paid off.

Some spinning rod action when the wind was to bad to cast.

Another Carp on!

Several this size were landed today.


  1. That pic of the fish in the shallows is really cool. I need a carp fix.

  2. such an amazing little fish. i liked it. thanks for sharing your experience. Fishing In Dubai