February 8, 2013

Catching Browns With A New Personal Best

After ice fishing for the past month, I figured it was time to change things up and go try to wrangle a few Brown trout. The stretch of the Weber I fished today was as low as I've seen it in recent memory. On top of that, the water was  milky making for poor visibility. It wasn't opptimal conditions, but I figured a few a few fish would still want to show up to the party. 
I started out fishing my go-to swimbait for the first hour with not a lot of action. I would pick up a fish here and there, with long stretches in-between. It took some time to get dialed in and after a few adjustments on presentaion and switching to a lighter swimbait, it was on! It went from slow fishing to fast catching in a hurry.
Average Brown trout today.

The only Rainbow of the day.
I came to a hole with the main current going through the middle of it. I made a cast on the right side of it and as I worked down the column, I had a good hit, but missed him. I immediately cast again and this time I hooked up. After a short fight, I landed the only Rainbow, which is pictured above. After working the right side of the current, I made a cast on the left side. The line immediately went heavy, and I could tell right away that I had a nice Brown on that was ready for a tug war. This brusier gave me several powerful head-shakes trying to bulldog his way off the hook, but it was all for not. I soon had the first 20 inch brown of the day landed, as you can see in the picture below. From here it was a lot more Brown trout action with a few Cutthroat sprinkled in.

One of the many 20" Browns on this trip.

Biggest Cutthroat of thhis trip. 
Making my way further up river, I soon realized I interupted a town council meeting in Hogville because the rest of the day, I didn't land a Brown less than 20 inches! It was one epic fight after another with a few happening on back-to-back casts. The three largest fish are pictured below, including a 24 inch beast that is my new personal best. To top the day off, I found a few duck decoys in a debris pile along the river that are in working order. Without a doubt, the Weber was good to me today!

Third place: 22 inch Brown trout.

Second place: 23 inch Brown (tied personal best).

New personal best! 2 feet of Brown trout!

It was a day of Weber monsters!


  1. Wow nice catch Rick. I love the colors of the trout family.

    1. Thanks. They're not GT's, but I'll take em, lol.

  2. Wow that's one heck of a day!