January 26, 2013

More Perch On The Ice

Rob and I hit Pineview this morning with his daughter to see if we could get some more fast fishing like last week. We fished cemetery point. It took a little more time to find them this time around, but once we did, it was on! We fished in 26 feet of water and all the Perch came from fishing off the bottom. The three of us got our fill of catching, with only a few dry spells to speak of. White Jammin Jigs worked the best today.
There were a lot of people out fishing today. It was one of the biggest crowds I have seen out on the ice. It seemed that most of the groups around us were catching fish as well. If you're looking for a spot to take younger kids, Pineview would be a great place right now. It's as close to a guarantee for catching fish as you'll find.
Lots for people enjoying the fishing today.
 Lots of time spent unhooking Perch.
Pink Jammin Jigs took second place to the white ones.
A great way to end the day.


  1. Dang Rick, that just looks way to cold. I'll stick with my Fiji winters, thanks.

  2. Its wiil be every ones dream place for fishing at weekends.