February 21, 2013

Frozen At The Berry

We had our winter camp for Scouts at Strawberry Reservoir this year. The plan was to camp on the ice and fish, but we arrived late. We decided to set up by the vehicles since it was dark. We made dinner and stayed close to the fire. Sitting around the fire is one of my favorite things about camping. Stories always seem to be better around a fire. After a few hours, we all hit the hay in hopes of staying warm through the night.
As it turned out, the majority froze. It was a balmy -9 degrees as we woke up and got ready for the day. He quickly had heaters running and started getting breakfast ready. It was interesting cracking frozen eggs in preparation of making french toast. While we were doing this, a couple of air boats cruised by on the ice. The snow the fans kicked up instantly turned to fog which lingered for about an hour.
As we wrapped up breakfast, it was voted that we pack up and hit a pond closer to home with warmer weather. We headed back to civilization, and allowed our bodies to thaw along the way. We reached the small pond and once we found the fish, we caught several. Some of the boys fished while others went sledding and had snowball fights. We spent a few hours doing this and wrapping up the trip with a hot dog lunch. We returned home tired, and with sunburned faces. It was a fun trip, but I'm all-the-more thankful for a nice warm bed.

Swamp People... Utah style!

All the kids thawing. The car heaters were popular on this trip.

Getting breakfast ready.

This is what frozen eggs look like.

One of about a dozen fish caught. The warmer weather was a plus!


  1. Oh man! i am camping in the snow tomorrow but the temperatures won't be anywhere near -9! haha I can't believe the eggs froze, that's insane! good stuff, brother!

    1. I hope you stay warm on your trip. Will you be ice fishing? Either way, I hope you get into some fish.