August 23, 2012

The Monkey Is Off My Back.. Or Should I Say Wiper

All I have to say after 12 trips to Willard bay is I FINALLY CAUGHT A WIPER (hybrid of a striped bass and white bass)! I can't tell you how great it is to cross the species off my list! Willard has had my number for far too long! I met up with a guy that is known as Wiperhunter2 on a few websites I frequent, and he was kind enough to take me out on his boat and showed me what he does to catch them. We made it out on the water at a little after 5pm to windy conditions and rough water. That lasted about an hour before it calmed down, and the rest of the night we had flat water and great weather. We rigged up using worm harnesses and trolled them around 2.3mph. Once we had our lines out, it took only minutes before we had a fish on. Wiperhunter2 was kind enough to give me first fish, and low-and-behold, it turned out to be my first ever wiper! It wasn't big by any means, but I was so excited to have finally caught one after so many failed attempts.

Soon, Wiperhunter2 had another wiper on, and we were into fish the majority of the evening. We ended the day with six wipers that were all around the size of the one in the pictured below, which we released, and two walleyes that I took home for a date with the frying pan. We also saw a small boil as we were headed back to the marina. The boils should really start once the water temps get just a little lower. This trip turned out to be a great evening of fishing with a new friend. It doesn't get much better!

My first wiper!

All rigged up.

First of two walleye on this trip.

Beautiful sunset to end the trip off right!


  1. Congrats, I actually had to look up a Wiper to see what it was, I thought it looked like a striped bass and sure enough it is. Albeit crossed with a white bass.
    Tight Lines

  2. Thank you for bringing this up Callan. I meant to put a blurb in my post on what a wiper is. I updated the post so hopefully that will help other readers. Thanks!