August 25, 2012

Notch Peak And The West Desert

I took a trip out to the west desert of Utah with my father to check out some sights that I didn't know about until recently. We left early and headed out to Notch peak. With a 2,200 ft. vertical rise, Notch peak is only surpassed by El Capitan in Yosemite as the largest cliff face in North America. There is about a four mile hike to get to the top that I didn't do on this trip, but I did hike in a ways to get close to the base of the cliff. It was very impressive, and it was neat watching the clouds roll around the summit as they passed by. There are several rock climbing routes people use to climb the face, and some people have even base-jumped from the top.

A few miles away we went and saw the Hermit's cabin. There was a guy that broke down out there in the 20's and just decided to set up shop. He built himself a shelter by building a rock wall in a cave. There was still a wood shelf and fireplace there. It's said that he used to make his own hooch and that locals would drive out and trade groceries in exchange for a drink. He lived there until 1951 when he picked up and headed for Delta. On the way back to Delta, we took the old dirt highway that used to be the route people would take to go to California. I liked seeing and learning some of the history of the County I grew up in. To check out other places to visit while you're in the area, check out  Millard County .

Sevier Lake

Check out the coloration and the back feet of this lizard!

Notch Peak

Interesting foration on the Notch Peak trail.

Distant look at Notch Peak

The Hermit of Marjum pass's dwelling from 1927-1951.


  1. Looks like a great trip man, saw you brought your furry friends as well. How was the road? Car drive able, or rutted and needing a truck?

  2. Roads are great, and you could take your car just fine. The only road that's questionable is the one that gets you really close to notch peak. You may just have a little bit longer hike is all.