February 11, 2011

Quick Trip To The Jordan River

After almost 2 weeks of not fishing, I was finally able to get back out and wet a line. I recently went back to school and that has put a huge damper on the amount of times I'm able to get out. I had a few hours to spare today so I headed to the Jordan River since it's close to my home. I grabbed my ultra light rod and a few Mepps spinners for the white bass. This is the earliest time in the year I have ever fished the Jordan and I had the same results that I do most other times which is lots of white bass. I would say the average size I caught was 7" which is small but still fun on an ultra light.. What I wasn't expecting on this trip was the amount of large mouth bass I caught. I bet 1/4 of the fish I caught today were large mouth's. The largest fish of the day was a 14" large mouth which is on the bigger end for this river. In all I landed 36 fish in about 2 hours of fishing and it's just what I needed! On my way back to the truck I saw a bunch of vans and lots of people gathered together. when I got closer I noticed some handcarts being pulled accross the river which is something I never thought I'd see. It turns out that they were getting ready to film a part of a movie about the pioneers crossing the plains.

Average white bass today.
Aveerage large mouth bass today.

Largest large mouth bass at 14" long.

Handcarts crossing the river.


  1. Nice find man!!! Glad to hear your hitting the books!

  2. Same spot you caught your big one a few years back. You should take the girls but plan on getting muddy.

  3. Nice Rick. You should have found a way to sneak into that movie with your rod and spinners. I'm sure that's just how the pioneers fished.

  4. Well, I hate to admit it, but I have never fished the Jordan River...and it's the closest one to me! hmmmm...pretty nice fish there!

  5. I actually asked if they were going to fish at al, lol. You should give the Jordan a try sometime. You have the chance at 9 different species.