July 16, 2010

More Hogs On The Weber

I made my first trip to the Weber since the spring run-off to see how the fishing would be. I have never fished the Weber this time of year and didn't really know what to expect. The weather was sunny and really hot. I started out fishing early in the morning and the Weber was good to me today. I landed 15 fish with 5 over 20" including the biggest cutthroat I've ever caught on this river. I landed him and hurried and got the camera ready and was ready for the picture but the fish had other plans. I dipped him in the water right before the picture and the fish wiggled out of my hands and was gone! It measured out at 21 inches and is compareable to the second picture down for body size. It's days like this that keep me addicted to fishing.

22" Brute which was the first and biggest catch on the day.

16" Cut

Utah Suckers soaking up some sun. The one at the top right was huge!

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  1. Some beautiful fish here. The river gave up some big fish for you on this day. The kind dreams are made of.