November 25, 2009

Early Morning On The Middle Provo

I made a quick trip up to fish the Middle Provo River. It was 18 degrees when I started and gradually warmed as the day went on. I was using rapalas and twitching them through the current. It was a typical provo river experience as far as all the fisherman around goes but I did land 3 fish and had a lot of follows. I'm still tring to perfect fishing with rapalas and I feel I'm getting better each time I go out. It seems that the later in the year we go, the less and less the fish want to play. I plan on hitting a little river down south after Thanksgiving, hopefully it's faster fishing down there. It's ok though, I'm starting to see ice fishing reports so my river fishing is almost done until spring.

19" Provo Brown. My biggest so far on this river.

21" White Fish. He had something funky going on with his belly.

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