December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Equals Good Times

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It's always fun to get together with all the family and enjoy their company and eat your own weight in turkey! We had quite a good time the past few days! I went fishing with my Father-in-law and caught some small rainbows in a little stream nearby while my Dad and brother took all the kids to hike sugar loaf volcano while all the wives did the black Friday shopping thing (scary)! After, we met up and went up the canyon to look at deer and show the kids some of the Indian petroglyphs that are in the canyon. The kids had a blast and got to enjoy some awesome country. Of course, Thanksgiving always comes and goes faster than you would like and the only problem with the weekend was that I didn't take enough pictures! I truely am blessed and hope that all of you had as good of Thanksgiving as I did.

My Father-in-laws trout out of Chalk Creek.

A bunch of the kids on Indian Rock up Dry Creek Canyon.

One of the nice bucks we saw while we were out and about.

The kids getting ready for an Adventure

Fire in the sky! A nice sunset from my parents back yard.

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