November 5, 2009

Brown-Out On The Weber River, November 2009

I finally met up with a guy I've been wanting to fish with for a long time. I had read a lot of the Weber River reports that he posts on about the monster brown trout that he catches on a regular basis. I frequent a lot of fishing forums and blogs and don't know of anyone in Utah that consistently catches as many big browns as Joe does. I was fortunate enough to be able to go out with him for a day and learn some of his techniques he uses to land these big beautiful fish.
We met up and were on the river by 9 am. About 20 minutes into fishing, it turned into an all out hog fest! In the 7 hours of fishing, we landed around 20 browns that were 17-21" in length and around that same number that went smaller than that. We also hooked some rainbow trout and mountain white fish. Joe and I both hooked into a few monster browns 24-26" range that spit our rapalas and plastics after some acrobatic fights. Some of those fish that got away were without a doubt the biggest brown trout I have seen while fishing! It was frustrating at times because I couldn't keep a fish hooked to save my life! I missed a dozen or so big browns that would throw my hook back at me after a few seconds of fighting. At the end of the day, I can say that this is one trip that I won't soon forget. Thanks again Joe! I look forward to the next adventure with you!

First fish of the day.

Spawned-out female

21" Beast

This one looked like it was part piranha. Check out those chompers!

Check out the hump ...Awesome!

Nice Weber Rainbow


  1. What a great trip, Rick! Thanks for sharing and posting some wonderful photo's of those Brownie's. Were most fish on the Rapala? Were you using floaters or countdowns? I love to fish the Browns on the Snake River near my home.

  2. If I had the time and disposable income at the moment, I'd be out on the next flight to Utah! Nice fish!

  3. Like I said before, If you ever make it back out this way, look me up and we'll bo. Check out Joe's latest report: