September 24, 2015

Kokanee Day and Catchin Crawfish

This past Saturday, We made a trip to Strawberry to the annual Kokanee Day to watch the salmon run up the small streams to spawn. There were a good number this year, and the fish traps were full. The DWR uses the fish traps to collect the fish to milk the eggs and get better reproduction numbers. The salmon run is one of my favorite things to see in the fall.

We also took up some chicken legs so we could catch some crawfish for dinner. We caught a lot in a short time simply tying string to the chicken leg and sinking it to the bottom. the crawfish will brag on and not let go. you simply pull them up and shake them off into a net.

We did a Cajun boil and used Bubba Gumps seafood boil seasoning and a stick of butter for the boil. We added red skin potato's, corn on the cob, sausage, and added the crawfish at the end. The meal turned out great, and I hope it will become a tradition.

We would get 1-5 crawfish each time we pulled the line.
Crawfish don't make the best earrings.
First attempt at a crawfish boil was a success.

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  1. Your photos look amazing!!!! This really does look like the trip of a lifetime. Some beautiful scenery and fish for sure. Great read!!!