July 30, 2015

Australian Adventure

I traveled to Australia for work a few times over the past few months. It was a great experience, and I met some great people. I was also able to get some fishing in and landed several new species. Although the pictures don't do justice to this beautiful country, I'll let them tell the story.

Beaches of Wollongong, AU
New friends we met fishing.

dug up some clams for bait.

Beautiful sunrise as we left for Sydney.
A view of Sydney from the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Sydney Harbor Bridge
People climbing the bridge. I chose to climb the pillar.
World Famous Sydney Opera House.
Pacific on the left, Harbor on the right with the Sydney skyline in the background.

Wild parrots in the park.

Some were nicer than others.

State of Origin rugby match, New South Wales vs. Queensland (Super Bowl of Aussie Rugby) . This was a great experience.

A view looking toward Newcastle.


Tailor (Bluefish)

Silver Moony

Smooth Golden Toadfish

Pike Eel

Southern Bream
Newcastle Cathedral.

Highest point of Newcastle.
World War 2 bunker overlooking the coast
World War 2 Memorial

Some cool parrots.
A fantastic view down the Newcastle coast

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