December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Adventures

Turkey day is always a favorite of mine. It's a time when most of the family gets together, and good times are had by all. This year we met at my brothers house in Page, AZ. It was so much fun hiking around and seeing all the kids have a great time together. Pictures simply can't do justice to the spectacular views that are offered when hiking the trails. I can't imagine there are many places like this in the world.

On the drive home, my wife and I took a detour to check out Bryce canyon. This was the first time my wife had been. It was great seeing her reaction as we walked up on the first overlook. I literally heard her let out a small gasp as the view took her breathe away. We did a really quick trip to see some of the major overlooks, and we are planning a trip back down in the Spring to do some hikes.
Glen Canyon Dam

Yoga with a view.

Kings and Queens of the hill.

A view of the Dam from the bridge.

A view looking down on the Colorado from the bridge.

Exploring one of the many trails around Page.

The only thing brighter than the red cliffs that surrounded us.

Horseshoe Bend.

What a view!

Looking out over Wahweap Marina on Lake Powell.

Chelsea's first trip to Bryce. Made the stop on our drive home.

Bryce is one of my favorite parks. 

December 2, 2014

Silver Lake Hike

My wife and I recently made the 2 mile hike to Silver Lake up American Fork Canyon. The weather was perfect for November with sunny skies and a slight breeze to keep you cool while hiking. I have made many trips to this lake over the years. It's usually decent fishing for Brook Trout, and an occasional Grayling. This was Chelsea's first trip. 

When we made it to the lake, I was surprised to find it full. The lake is usually a puddle this time of year. We took in the views, and I fished for about a half hour, before making our way back down to the truck. This is a great little hike if you only have a few hours and need to get a nature fix.