March 17, 2014

Trips to the Jordan River and Utah Lake

This time of year, the fishing can be hit and miss on both Utah Lake and the Jordan River depending on the weather.The past week, we've had all four seasons of weather which has really messed up the fishing. The first trip to the Jordan, I managed a little largemouth bass, while seeing countless other fish that had lockjaw. It was the same story this morning when I took my niece and nephews out to fish. The day went from cold and windy, to hot, then back to cold and really windy in a two hour period. We all got casting practice while on the river, and that was it!
We fished Utah Lake for about a half hour, and managed a really nice 26 inch hen walleye. She was chuck full of eggs, so we got a few quick pictures and released her back in the lake safe and sound. The walleye spawn is happening now, so now is the best chance to catch a few. Please release any females that you catch if you go out. The cold wind made short work of us at Utah Lake, so we called it a day. I'm hoping in a month when they come to visit again, the white bass will be ready to tangle.

Schools of two inch black bullhead catfish.

Only fish from the Jordan.
Spiderman pole.. check... game face... check!

26 inch hen Walleye.

Check out those chompers...


  1. What a tank walleye! Good for you. My only walleye that length was really skinny and barely broke 4lbs. Great catch and I'm glad you're getting out.

  2. Thanks Justin. had fun getting into a few more last night, but nothing as big as this. We should plan a trip.