March 4, 2014

More Browns From The Weber

Last Monday a friend and I made a trip up to the Weber to see how the Brown Trout were biting. I had heard that the Weber is down to a trickle compared to what it normally is on some sections. When we arrived we found that the rumor was true. I've never seen the Weber this low ever! It pooled in places, but several spots were dry that I've caught fish at in previous years. That said, we still got into some quality fish, and had a great time.
Kevin started off, catching the first three before I got on the board. The fishing was fairly consistent throughout the day. I would say we landed around 20-25 fish between us, with Kevin catching the most. The fight of these fish never gets old!




  1. Just going to jump in here and say, "Wow" those are some nice Browns this early in the year. Hope the river gets some more water from somehere.

  2. A trickle here, a trickle there... yeah, that's been the story of the Weber this past year. We need some good storms this month! Nice catches though... = )