May 7, 2013

First Pike Action of 2013

Great fishing reports are coming from Yuba Reservoir for Pike, so I decided to go down and see for myself. I arrived around 9 a.m. to calm conditions, and it remained that way just long enough for me to make it across the lake in my pontoon. That's when the wind kicked in, and it got nasty in a hurry! I stuck to two bays directly across from the State Park launch ramp to stay out of the bigger waves. I was throwing Rapalas's, and worked the shoreline and flooded brush. It took about 20 minutes of fishing before I felt the strike and violent head shake of my first pike of the day. I made one hard run and jumped a few times, but he couldn't shake the hook. I soon had him in he net, and the fight was over.
The next bay produced a few more pike, but the wind won out, and I started heading back to the dock. I had to go around, hugging the shore because of the white caps that had taken over the lake. This made for a long rough ride. I attempted a few casts along the way, but I realized I had to focus on just making it back. This trip was a short one. Just two hours of fishing, with a few pike to show for it. It was great to get into some fish, but hopefully the wind won't be so bad the next time.
On the board! First Pike of 2013!

An average Yuba Pike.

Here's a Baby Pike. Go tell your big brother I want to fight...

The wind and waves finally won, and I called it a day.


  1. Rick, never been Pike fishing in all my years of fishing. However, I know enough about Pike to know that when you get in to Pike holding water that you are in for a lot of fun. Nice "short" day. Floating Rapala's?

  2. I was using X Raps. I think floating Raps would have worked too.

  3. nice pike congratulations.
    Sincerely Bullarn.

  4. Man, don't like choppy water or swells. Great advice to get out of that.