October 12, 2012

Brown Trout Anyone?

It is finally that time of year again! The brown trout are ready to spawn, which means my best shot at reaching my goal of landing a brown over 30 inches. I headed up this morning and fished from 7:30 a.m. until around noon. While fishing I didn't see a single bed, so it's still a little early. However, the male browns that I caught are starting to get their dark color, so it won't be long.
I fished using the same lure the entire time, and the browns smashed it today. The first hour, I couldn't set a hook to save my life. I missed so many fish before finally getting my timing right. Perhaps fishing for the pike and tiger musky the past few weeks through me off the trout game? Once I got with the program, fish were being pulled out of just about every hole. There were also a few cutthroat trout mixed in with the browns which was a nice bonus. The typical catch today was around 16 inches, but I landed several browns at or over 20 inches. If this trip is any indication of what is to come, It's going to be an unbelievable month or so during the spawn when the monsters come out of hiding. I hope you don't get tire of posts about brown trout, because they will be coming at you pretty heavy for the next several weeks.
First 20 incher of the day.

Typical brown for the Weber River.

What size fish came out of this small hole?...

...This 20 inch brown!

I caught these two fish (above and below) on back-to-back casts out of the same hole!
What a tank!

The token fall leaves picture for the article. I love the Fall!


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    1. Thanks. It was a lot of fun. I can't wait for the spawn!

  2. Very nice sir. Gotta love the Weber! Hoping for some cold weather to get those browns going!

    1. Preach on Kyle! I couldn't agree more with the colder weather showing up.