July 25, 2011

Tiger Hunting At Current Creek

My father-in-law and I made our way over to Current Creek Reservoir to hunt down some tiger trout. This was the first time this year we fished this reservoir and it was sell worth the trip. The weather was perfect for launching the pontoon and float tube and we were on the water at 7 am. The 67 degree water was like glass and we all but had the place to ourselves. We made our way over to a bay that looked promising and started fishing. We started out throwing a variety of spinners and it wasn't long until we were into fish. My Father-in-law landed the first fish which was also the biggest tiger trout of the day. It was also his first ever tiger trout! I soon had a tiger of my own to battle with and soon had him landed. After he landed a few more fish, my Father-in-law switched over to the fly rod and trolled a woolly bugger. He had take after take and landed several more fish.
I settled in throwing a jointed rapala and continued to have success with the tigers. I regret not bringing my fly rod because the conditions were perfect to pull out the dries. There were fish slurping bugs off the top all around us. We called it a day around noon having had our fill and headed home. I plan to make another trip to Current Creek soon.

First ever tiger trout.

Typical Current Creek tiger.

Beaver lodge.

Now thats a backdrop!

Another nice fish.

Tigers are one of my favorite fish to catch.

A nice view of Current Creek reservoir on the way home.

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