August 18, 2010

The Ranch

My brother invited me out to the ranch that his friend owns to do some bass fishing for the weekend. We met up with some other friends and had a blast. There are 3 ponds you can fish and I was surprised at the size of the fish we were catching. It was so fun to watch the younger kids going to battle with these fish and loving every minute of it. At night it seemed that the big boys came out a lot more to play and we managed to hook a few of them. The next morning it was more of the same. The kids were catching bass after bass and they even caught a some craw fish which they thought were pretty cool. It was a great weekend and hopefully we'll be able to go out there again before the snow flies.

My nephew with a great catch!

My biggest of the trip.

Not that big but it made a great picture.

Some of the kids "scouting" where the fish were.

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  1. Nice family outing Rick. Looks like some time well spent.