October 6, 2016

Singapore Adventure

I went to Singapore this past week for work. What a unique city. Before getting off the plane, there where repeated warning of what not to do while in Singapore including death sentences for anyone bringing drugs in. This got me thinking, so I looking up Singapore laws, and man were there a lot! They have fines for everything from chewing gum to not flushing the toilet and I'm not exaggerating.

I had a some time to explore when I wasn't in the conference. Singapore is easily the cleanest city I've ever been in (reference the fines) and some of the coolest architecture as well. There are more shopping malls than you can count, and the food was simply amazing. The most interesting thing I tried while there was the durian fruit. No food has ever confused me more. People say it's the blue cheese of fruit because of it's strong smell. It has the texture of custard, and I can't put my finger on what it tastes like. It walks a fine line between horrible and delicious. I still can't make up my mind.

The last day I was able to get some fishing in. I landed 11 fish; 5 species, 4 of which were new for me. I also had several fish beat me either slipping the hook or breaking off. They all fought hard, but none more than the Chao Pharya Catfish. That fish made several long runs and just when I thought the fish was giving up, it would tear off again. You know it's a good day of fishing when your arms are sore the next day...

Marina Bay Sands Resort and a view of the city from the top. There is an infinity pool on top which is one of the coolest swimming pools I've seen.

The famous Merlion of Singapore.

A view of the city at night.

Gardens by the Bay

Lau Pa Sat: the oldest food market in down town. I tried BBQ stingray, salted egg squid, white and sweet carrot cake, a bunch of local veggies and other delicious things I'm not sure of.

The Durian fruit. I'm still confused by this fruit.

Local fruit market with things I've never seen or heard of before.

Walking Catfish. The most surprising catch if the day.

Red Tail Catfish. one of 6 landed.

Chao Pharya Catfish. The hardest fighter of the day.

The crew that showed me the ropes. Rigel (front center) knew this place like the back of his hand.

Rahu Carp.

This is a Patin. The only top water action of the species we landed.

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  1. Another awesome post and trip. Nice job on the new species.