February 11, 2014

Winter River Fishing

The Weber was calling my name, so I headed out yesterday in hopes of landing some big browns. I arrived around 7:30 and fished until noon. The river was a touch low, and a touch muddy. I would say there was about a foot visibility. With that, fishing was slower than usual. In the time I fished, I landed 14 brown trout, with a few others getting off right at my feet. Most fish were in the 16-17 inch range. Two were picture worthy, with the biggest going 23 inches.

What is interesting about that 23 incher is that it bit about 10 feet from where I was standing. I was in knee deep water, and had no idea he was there until he bit. Once he hit, I got a quick glimpse of him as he surfaced next to me as he ripped down river. It took me a few minutes to wear him down before he came to the net. I'm hoping I can get a few more trips in before the river gets too muddy to fish.

First picture worthy fish of the day.
Biggest and last fish landed.


  1. HUGE Browns, bud, great job! I hope to catch them like that one day!!

  2. Very impressive, Rick, for your time on the water this time of year. Gotta' love those bigger Brownies!