March 8, 2013

Slow Down On The Weber

Joe and I hit a stretch on the Weber that we hadn't hit in a while. What a difference a few months can make! This stretch has really changed from the last time I fished it. Several quality go-to holes from past trips no longer exist. It was nice exploring and getting to know the lay of the river again. We were supposed to have nasty weather today, but the sun was out for the most part, making for nice fishing conditions. The fish didn't seem to agree with us though. Compared to the past several weeks, the fishing was slow, and the bite sporadic at best. The water has also clouded up some from the snow run-off that has started. It won't be long until the river is chocolate brown and the water levels are raging.
As stated, the fishing was slow, but we still managed to get a few quality fish. We used cranks and swim baits with most fish coming on the swim baits. I'd guess the average fish today was 16 inches, and they fought just as hard as the bigger fish that were landed. There were a few times that we thought we had bigger fish based on the fight they put up. Despite the slow fishing, it was a great day to be out enjoying the river!
Serving them up golden brown!
This chunky brown, along with the Cutthroat below, were caught in the same hole.
Tank! I couldn't get my hand around this fat Cutthroat.
Anyone up for a game of connect the dots?


  1. Some really nice fish and it sure beats the office.

  2. Those cutties and browns look fantastic. i need to do some trout fishing this year!

  3. Glad to see another Utah blog. I'll be going the first two weeks of July.