December 14, 2012

Getting Back in the Game

After a month without fishing, I couldn't take it anymore! Utah has been caught in the dreaded in-between stage of everything freezing up. Lately, we'll have a few really cold days, and then warm days. I couldn't wait anymore so I made a quick trip down to the Jordan river to catch a few fish.
In 1/1/2 hours, I landed 35 White Bass and one small Large Mouth. The white bass ranged 8-11 inches. It was sure nice feeling the bend in my ultra-light again, but the ice-fighting itch has grown ever-more strong! The ice really needs to get here already! Here are a few pictures from today's adventure...
Average sized catch today.

If you look close, you can see a Large Mouth Bass in my hand.

A little girth is always nice.

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