September 21, 2012

Little Fish in American Fork Canyon

My neighbor and I made a quick trip up American Fork Canyon with the anticipation of hiking to Silver Lake. We made it to the trail head only to find out that the trail was closed. Being slightly bummed, we decided since we were up there, we would hit Silver Lake Flat Reservoir. Silver lake Flat was a puddle compared to what it is in the spring. We both through on some spinners and started casting. Roger was the first with a fish, which was a typical rainbow planter that you catch here. I soon had another on, which was also a planter. After we caught a few more we headed back down the canyon to Tibble Fork Reservoir to try our luck there.
On the way back down, we stopped and took a few pictures of the trees that were starting to change color. I think it will be another week of so before the colors really come out. We got to Tibble Fork and soon had little brown trout wanting to take our spinner. I'm glad I had an ultralight rod so it still felt like somewhat of a fight. Roger also pulled some rainbows out, and he ended the day with eight fish, which doubled me up on what I caught. Even though we didn't make it to our original destination, the trip was a lot of fun. The weather was great, which won't be around much longer. I need to make a few more trips before the colder weather sets in. That said, I'm starting to get a slight itch for the ice fishing season to get here.

A very low Silver Lake Flat Reservoir.
The changing of the season with Tibble Fork at the bottom.

A few of the little brown trout that were caught.


  1. Rick, nice looking fish. The scenery is awesome. Absolutely beautiful.
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  2.'ve got a very beautiful fish.... thanks a lot for showing it... I want also to go on fishing. it's kinda adventurous ..

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  3. Rick, you've got a nice place here to sit and relax and talk fishing. Thanks for joining up with Windknots as well! You've got to know that I'm extremely jealous of the beautiful trout you've got there...ok, the scenery is pretty spectacular also, but after all, I live in Colorado. It's not too shabby either. Cheers!