March 23, 2012

Props To My Favorite River!

33.5" 13 pound monster brown.
Now here is why I fish the Weber as much as I do! This fish was caught yesterday and it's just another testament to this fantastic river. I've spent countless hours in pursuit of my 30" plus brown and this just motivates me even more. Guess where I'm going fishing next? Here's a shout out to the angler for catching a fish of a life time!


  1. What an awesome Brown! There is one in there for you too, Rick!

  2. Huge fish! I'm glad you are smiling. Some of these pics with huge fish and no smiles drives me crazy. When it's a fish of a lifetime, please smile people.

  3. Definitely the fish of a lifetime! I'm like you, big browns get me going! I love fishing for all trout (and other species) but there's nothing like a big, mean brownie!