February 3, 2012

A Day On The Weber

The first Weber river trip of 2012! I went back and forth on going ice fishing or hitting the river and the thought of hooking a big brown won out. The morning started out cold and the steam coming off the river made for some interesting casts to say the least since I couldn't see well. The first nice hole I came to produced a 14" brown on the first cast and I thought that was going to be a good sign. As it turned out, that was not the case at all! The bite was really slow and light today compared to previous trips. I lost the only brown I hooked in the 20" class and spooked 2 others that would have stretched the tape. The pictures below tell the story. They're not impressive, but if you're like me, a story is always better with a few pictures. 12-16" browns and cutts were the name of the game. The cold eventually turned into a nice sunny day, and despite the slow fishing, it was relaxing to be out enjoying the river.

Average size browns for this trip

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  1. Hey, Rick. Pretty Browns, nonetheless. I would take a couple like that any day of the week this time of year.